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DiNCHTLY; jobo

The Zell obssession released; vers01

5 November
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!#%Role Play Journals
I'm a person who can't live without role-playing. Here's a list of RP Journals that I still remember having. The list is here so I can keep track. I'm pretty sure I have more, I just can't remember where... Grr...
Harry Potter
+ Justin Finch-Fletchley; AvKav
+ George Weasley; AvKav
+ Draco Malfoy; Hogwarts School
+ Parvati Patil; Hogwarts School
+ George Weasley; Hogwarts School
+ Weasley Twins; Riddikulus
+ Remus Lupin; Marauders Days
+ Seamus Finnigan; Hogwartsish
+ Justin Finch-Fletchley; Potty RPG
+ Remus Lupin; Marauding Days
+ Sirius Black; Before The Trio
+ Draco Malfoy; AU Hogwarts
+ Cho Chang; AU Hogwarts
+ Ted Tonks; Sonorus
+ David Black // The Ellimist Kazaam; Corrupt Society
High School
+ Brink Ferrell; Highland Academy

This is jacked. Look:

i'm in gryffindor!

So unfair. First I was Slytherin. Then Hufflepuff. Then Ravenclaw (which, in my opinion, is my true house). And now I'm a freckin' Gryffindor?! Weeeeeeeird.

i'm in slytherin!
i'm in hufflepuff!i'm in ravenclaw!i'm in gryffindor!