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Hold up a second there on your booya, son... ;x

[ psst; to people with sucky computers, it basically says that this journal is friends-only; leave some love ]
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That's alright! o___o;; *reads*

Wowwie. *huggles you two* ^_^ Fanks, almighty cool older people ;D Heh. XD~
Hello there :) A while back you added me on Blurty (I'm phwoar over there), mind if I add you over here?
do you mind if i add you to my friends list?<3333
Oh, not at all! Go on, then ^^ Just one thing -- I sort of moved to another journal now -- http://veritas.blurty.com . . . If you have a blurty, I'd add ya over there!
hey, i do have a blurty but i forgot what my username is. loool. ergh, i'll go make a new one then add you, alright? <33333

i'll add you to my friends list on this one <33333